5 Things to Look Out for in Motor Insurance Plans

5 Things to Look Out for in Motor Insurance Plans

If you are looking to buy a new car, researching motor insurance plans are as important as checking out different car makes and models. A motor insurance plan will provide you financial support and protection against liability, in case your vehicle is involved in a road accident or gets damaged due to a natural calamity.

Here are 5 things to look for while choosing the right vehicle insurance.

1. Type of Car Insurance Required

5 Things to Look Out for in Motor Insurance Plans

You can choose from two basic types of auto insurance in Oman: comprehensive and third-party liability insurance. Check out their benefits to decide which one suitable for you.

  • Comprehensive Motor Insurance: Covers damage to your vehicle through collision, theft, fire, explosion, and natural calamities as well as all costs under third-party liability.
  • Third-Party Liability Insurance: Provides protection against all claims you are liable for related to third parties. This includes bodily injuries, vehicle damage, or loss of life of a third party.

2. Easy and Swift Online Insurance Purchase and Renewal

Choose an insurance provider that offers an easy and streamlined process for purchase and renewal of motor insurance policies online.

3. Flexible Premium Plan to Suit Your Budget

Consider a company that offers flexible and competitive premium plans, based on your budget and other needs.

4. Optional Coverage, If Required

You can choose optional coverage like 24-hour emergency roadside assistance, UAE coverage, and more.

5. Exceptional Customer Services

There might be many instances when you will require the assistance of the insurance company. To avoid hassles, make sure that the customer service team is available when needed and are up to date with all the necessary information.

5 Things to Look Out for in Motor Insurance Plans

Ensure that you read the policy document thoroughly before making a decision. Also, take a look at the exclusions to be aware of your liabilities.