Don’t Forget to Take Care of These 5 Main Aspects During International Travel

The face of international travel has changed completely due to the pandemic. While countries have lifted travel bans, the risk of virus spread remains in airports, flights, boarding queues, and other places. Here are 5 main things to consider when you plan international travel.

1. Consider Travel Insurance

Find an insurance provider to financially protect you in case of any medical emergencies, including COVID-19, in a foreign destination. The plan should provide sufficient cover for medical expenses in case of COVID-19 and any other serious accident/ailment. Your travel insurance should also cover expenses if you have to postpone travel in case of any unforeseen events.

2. Stay Up to Date with the News

Check the travel advisory guidelines released by the respective embassies located in the Sultanate of Oman. If there is a renewed surge in new infection cases in the destination country, it makes sense to avoid travel.

3. Be Prepared with Sanitizers and Masks

Check with your airline regarding what COVID safety protocols they have adopted. Many airlines are providing PPE kits before boarding. Always put on your mask and face shield and sanitize surfaces before touching.

4. Invest in Luggage Practically

Try to invest in luggage options that are not only easier to carry but can be washed or disinfected quickly. Pack light and don’t forget travel essentials. Many airlines are encouraging web check-in for luggage through their portals. Go through the steps to get things done in a contactless manner.

5. Carry All Important Documents

Check with the destination country regarding updated immigration rules and regulations. Several countries have made it compulsory for foreign travellers to carry a COVID negative RT-PCR test report, not older than 72 hours.

Traveling in these uncertain times can become less daunting when you have ample financial support to take care of emergencies. Apart from ensuring cash liquidity, invest in a good travel insurance plan with COVID-19 coverage. This is mandatory in several countries too.