How to Find the Best Individual Health Insurance Plan in Oman

The Sultanate of Oman offers free primary healthcare to its citizens and subsidised healthcare for expats living in the country. However, the cost of both public and private healthcare has been steadily rising.

Unfortunately, today’s hectic lifestyle leaves us vulnerable to many ailments. Therefore, individual health insurance is one of the critical things to consider during financial planning. The ideal health insurance plan varies from person to person, based on specific needs, age and budget. However, here are some important aspects to consider while searching for the right plan in Oman.

Inpatient and Outpatient Insurance

Choose an insurance plan that offers both inpatient and outpatient financial coverage. This means that both hospitalisation costs and doctor visits are covered. This includes:
• Emergency and elective treatment
• Hospital room fees
• ICU fees
• Doctor’s fees
• Diagnostics and laboratory fees
• Ambulance charges
• Physiotherapy
• Transportation fee for inpatient treatment abroad

Moreover, an insurance policy that provides similar benefits in several other countries, apart from Oman, could bring you complete peace of mind.

Huge Network of Hospitals and Clinics

Consider the network of hospitals and clinics applicable under the plan. A plan that covers treatment expenses across a large network of facilities providing OPD/IPD treatment across the geographical areas of Oman will help you access healthcare quickly.

Track Record of the Insurance Company

Choose an insurer known for their innovative and unique products. Also, consider the past experience and track record in managing health insurance portfolios. Another factor to consider is a customer-centric approach.

Flexibility in Choosing Plans

It is always a good idea to have options to choose a plan that best meets your needs. Many healthcare insurance plans provide optional benefits, like dental and optical treatment as well. You can even choose to include maternity benefits.

Check the Exclusions

Go through the policy document carefully, and check for points like general exclusions, pre-existing illness policy and more. The more diligent you are in researching the right plan, the better will the chances of avoiding hassles in the future.