How to Offer Financial Protection to Your Domestic Help

Offering financial protection to your domestic help can ensure that they have the peace of mind to do their jobs properly. It is due to their contribution that we can lead our lives productively, without stressing about getting essential work done.

A comprehensive personal plan (CPP) can provide the necessary features to help you safeguard the lives of your domestic help and reduce your liabilities. With a low premium amount, you can make sure that their families stay protected in case of an eventuality.

Here’s how a comprehensive personal plan can be beneficial for your domestic help.

Accidental and Natural Death Benefit

The policy pays out a lump-sum amount in case your employee dies due to natural causes or meets with a fatal accident. This can take care of all their dependents and their future financial expenses to a certain degree.

Cover for Medical Expenses in Accidents

Under this policy, a lump-sum amount is paid if the insured meets with an accident that leads to them incurring medical treatment costs. They won’t have to bear the burden of paying exorbitant hospital bills, and neither would you have to worry about the expenses.

Permanent Total Disability and Partial Disability Expenses

Illustration of people with health insurance service

If an accident results in permanent total or partial disability of your domestic help, which causes them loss of income, the insurer will pay out a fixed amount to help them financially.

Repatriation Expenses

If you have hired an expat, their mortal remains will need to be transported back to their home country upon their demise. The insurer will cover the expenses to a certain limit, so that their families don’t have to worry about flight costs.

Remember, however, that the plan has certain exclusions, such as death due to suicide or misuse of drugs and alcohol is not covered. Make sure to understand the eligibility criteria and terms and conditions beforehand to make an informed decision.