How to Protect and Safeguard the Life of Your Domestic Helpers

How to Protect and Safeguard the Life of Your Domestic Helpers

Domestic helpers are the backbone of households. They ease the burden of chores and help us focus on our personal and professional goals. It is necessary on our part to take care of their financial well-being and assure them a comfortable life. One of the best ways is to fulfil this is to provide them suitable insurance coverage.

How to Protect and Safeguard the Life of Your Domestic Helpers

The right insurance partner will offer plans that would be cost-effective for you and truly useful for your workers. Your maids, drivers, and office staff would be able to work and earn while protecting their future. Take a look at the top plans that could prove beneficial.

Comprehensive Personal Plan (CPP)

Anyone who is between 18 and 54 years can benefit from this plan. A CPP will offer a sum assured in the events of natural death, accidental death, accidental medical expenses, permanent partial disability, permanent total disability, total temporary disability, and repatriation. Choose a provider that can also offer significant coverage between OMR 1000 to OMR 5000 for adequate protection. Make sure to understand the terms and conditions better, which also include exclusions; if any. For instance, these benefits might not be extended in case a person has a history of drug or alcohol abuse.

Personal Accident Plan

This is a type of CPP, but it especially focuses on repatriation and accidental death. The policyholder can receive up to OMR 500 and OMR 5,000 respectively, for them. The candidate must be between 14 days and 70 years. But the accidental benefits coverage is only applicable for events taking place in Oman. General exclusions are suicide and intentionally inflicted cuts, misuse of drugs, hazardous activities, HIV Aids, and mental illness.

Read about the terms and inclusions thoroughly. Provide the right information only. Make sure the insured is not suffering from COVID-19 while purchasing the policy. This will prevent rejections and help you enhance the overall well-being of your employees.