Travelling amidst COVID-19? Safeguard your trip with additional COVID protection travel insurance policy

Covid-19 not only has taken lives but has affected the economy of the world as well. The travel and tourism is one of the most affected industry. The Mobility Market Outlook stated that the industry was suspected to see a decrease of 42.1% in global revenue from the previous year.

Oman was not an exception to it. The first Covid-19 case emerged on 24th February 2020 and the country soon had to go into lockdown, halting all aspects of business and trade.

Although travel has begun now, you should take some precautions, nonetheless. One of the ways is to get an additional Covid protection while buying a travel insurance policy. Although every insurance company has their own set of rules, we are now going to see what are some common benefits and exclusions that come with it.

Offered Benefits

Under the Covid protection plan, the insurance company will pay for all the expenses that occur during hospitalization for Covid-19 up to the specified insured amount.

In addition, the insurance company will provide cover in case you need to evacuate the country for medical emergencies due to Covid-19. Keep in mind the insurer will only pay up to the limit specified in the policy.


Policy Exclusions

The policies, however, do not cover everything. In case you have to self-isolate or self-quarantine for precautionary measures, the insurance company will not pay for the costs incurred for it. It is advised to check the destination country’s requirements for the same. The same applies to isolation due to mild Covid symptoms. For a detailed eligibility criteria, refer to this document.

Abandoning travel is definitely not an option but being responsible is. Abide by all the safety measures and get yourself a Covid protection travel insurance policy to minimize risks.