What Can a Home Contents Insurance Protect & What It Can’t

What Can a Home Contents Insurance Protect & What It Can't

We invest our hard-earned money in our home contents. These include electronic items, furniture, high-end showpieces, and garden stuff. So, it is necessary to insure them against fire, accidental damage, explosions, and burglary. You will not have to shell out from your pockets to replace or repair them with adequate insurance in place.

Further, it will help you to maintain the resale value of the property when all the furnishings are well-maintained and taken care of. But it is necessary to know what a good home contents insurance policy can offer and what the exclusions are. It will help you plan accordingly.

Home Contents Insurance Coverage

What Can a Home Contents Insurance Protect & What It Can't

The leading insurance company of Oman offers a comprehensive package. The procedure is simple with great affordability. Take a look at what contents can be insured.

  • Furniture and fixes
  • Furnishing and bed-room linen
  • Home appliances including washing machine and AC
  • Kitchen appliances, crockery, and utensils
  • Entertainment equipment including TV sets and Home Theatre Systems

The protection is offered against accidental damage caused by falling trees, hail, snow, cyclone, tornado, flood, and aerial devices dropped from above. It also covers damage caused by persons acting with malicious intent, on account of strikes, riots, and commotion. The policy is effective 48 hours from purchase time.

General Exclusions of the Policy

It is crucial to know what the insurance policy cannot cover. This keeps the process transparent and helps avoid surprises later. Take a look.

  • Emerging risks exclusion
  • Nuclear energy risks exclusion
  • War and Civil War exclusion
  • Nuclear exclusion
  • Communicable disease exclusion
  • Electronic date recognition
  • Terrorism exclusion
  • Nuclear energy risks exclusion
  • Pollution/Contamination exclusion

Read the terms and conditions properly. Check your eligibility beforehand. You can get in touch with sales representatives in case you require clarity on anything. Choose in-house smooth claim processing for peace of mind.