Why Should Small Businesses Opt for Motor Fleet Insurance?

Why Should Small Businesses Opt for Motor Fleet Insurance?

Fleet insurance can be considered as a type of business insurance. It is tailor-made for companies that own more than two commercial vehicles. The policy can protect both own and leased cars that are used for day-to-day operations.

The advantage of this policy is that you can condense all of them into a single cover, regardless of the number of vehicles your company owns. This helps in effective policy administration.

Why Should Small Businesses Opt for Motor Fleet Insurance?

Here are some more benefits of opting for motor fleet insurance. Take a look.


Buying a comprehensive package is cost-effective. This is because business owners do not have to pay separately for each vehicle within the fleet. You can also expect lower premiums without compromising on the cover inclusions. The total cost will depend on the level of cover you take out and the details of the cars.


The right insurance partner allows extensive personalization of the policy. This is done according to the type, number, and size of the vehicles owned. Creating a cover to meet your unique needs can be quite useful to keep your cars protected against fire, theft, or third-party legal obligations. You can focus on other areas of your business peacefully.

Easy Maintenance

Motor Fleet insurance is a single policy that takes all your vehicles under its cover. This means minimal formalities and paperwork. You do not have to monitor every policy individually during the tenure. This saves effort and time. You can also make the claim in a simple and easy procedure.

Purchase the policy from a company that offers quick quotations, competitive rates, and after-sales management options. Also, look for a customer-centric approach, when you choose an insurance partner.