Why Should Your Travel Insurance Include Covid Benefits?

Travel insurance is just as important as health or life insurance. It provides you peace of mind when you are travelling abroad, covering unforeseen expenses like loss of baggage, cancelled trips and medical emergencies.

With the pandemic still raging on in most parts of the world, it makes sense for your travel insurance policy to include COVID assistance as well. Here are some more reasons why you need travel insurance with COVID benefits.

For Emergency Medical Expenses

The Insurance Company shall cover the medical hospitalization of the Insured in case of illness related to the COVID-19 for a maximum limit as set in the Schedule of Benefits. This coverage will be only granted if the insured tests positive 72 hours after the Insured arrival to his/her destination.


Medical Evacuation and Repatriation

If you have to be medically evacuated or repatriated to your country of residence, the policy shall take care of the associated expenses When the appropriate additional premium has been paid. Maximum limits for Evacuation and/or the Repatriation to the Country of Residence will be up to the amount shown in the policy benefits.


Trip Cancellation

The pandemic is intensifying in different countries at different rates. The insurance company shall incur charges paid or due to be paid for travel tickets and/or hotel accommodation if the Insured Person’s trip gets cancelled due to him being Quarantined.

Make sure to understand the exclusions of the policy before choosing travel insurance. For example, the coverage might not be applicable in case hospitalisation is due to a pre-existing illness. You should understand such clauses to be prepared for any circumstances during your travels. It is advisable to not travel to countries where the infection rate is very high.