A Brand New Name,
A Brand New Beginning.

Liva is the new brand identity of NLGIC Group, formed after the integration of RSA Middle East and NLGIC – with the ambition to become the region’s leading multi-line insurance combination of dynamic and award-winning companies with a shared vision and highly complementary capabilities.

‘Liva’ means ‘protection’ or ‘life’, symbolizing exactly what we provide to our customers – protection for their lives so they can live them to the fullest.

Years of Collective experience in GCC
1.5 Million+

Legacy of insurance in the region

Liva Group comprises of six major companies:


With collective experience of over 80 years in the Middle East, Liva offers a broad suite of digitally enabled, customizable solutions across all lines of insurance, underpinned by exceptional service across a wide range of insurance solutions in Life, Health and Medical Insurance segments in personal and commercial lines.


The new brand reinforces our purpose to instill confidence in people to live the life they want, well prepared for the unexpected, by creating an ecosystem beyond insurance that has customers need at its core.

Liva has established operations across key GCC markets, including Sultanate of Oman, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, State of Kuwait, and Kingdom of Bahrain, and will be soon operating in State of Qatar.



What does Liva mean?

Liva means ‘protection’ and ‘life’, symbolizing exactly what we provide to our customers – protection for their lives so they may live them to the fullest, because life’s good when you’re covered.

What does Liva represent?

Previously Al Ahlia Insurance and National Life and General Insurance Company (NLGIC), Liva represents the region’s leading multi-line insurance company that delivers superior value to its customers while generating sustainable and profitable earnings for its shareholders. Its purpose is to instill confidence in people to live the life they want, well prepared for the unexpected, by creating an ecosystem beyond insurance that has the customer at its core.

Why did you choose this name?

We wanted a name that is unique in the insurance industry, is international, simple, and transends languages, and ties into our purpose of providing holistic protection for all aspects of people’s lives. Liva embodies who we are and what we stand for.

What does Liva’s visual identity look like?

Our visual identity is dominated by vibrant orange and white – colors that make us shine distinctly and brightly across the sea of insurance companies within the region. It symbolizes the confidence we instill in our customers and the pride we take in doing so.
The V-shaped curve symbolizes more than just protection; it represents an entire ecosystem. Inside this curve lies the letter A, which embodies our customer-centric approach, placing the customer at the core of our business. Combined, this alignment reflects how we will achieve our purpose.

Has the company legally changed its name as well?

We intend Liva to be our brand identity and we have initiated the process of changing the legal name to reflect the new brand name.

When will the old branding cease to exist?

We aim to start phasing out the old branding and adapting all marketing materials as well as our branches and offices with the new look and feel starting from the month of October. We will keep you posted on any updates.

Will the rebranding have an impact on existing products and customer propositions?

All existing products will remain the same, however, upon renewal and for new policies purchased after the end of September 2023, the documents will be rebranded to Liva. We will continuously work on exploring new and innovative e ways to expand our products and service offerings to include a full suite of life, health, personal, and commercial insurance products as well as providing better customer experience in line with our purpose. You will continue to experience the same level of service delivery during this period.

How would you describe Liva’s offering in a nutshell?

Liva provides a holistic and multi-line portfolio of innovative, smart, and reliable insurance solutions that blend local knowledge with global expertise to safeguard all aspects of people’s lives.

Our ambition is “to be a leading regional multi-line insurance company delivering value to customers, beyond insurance, and sustainable and profitable earnings to our shareholders.

To achieve the purpose and ambition, our 4 strategic pillars will bring together the best of both companies and sets out a clear pathway as follows:

  1. A Market leading multi-line, country and segment Insurer
  2. With modular and agile business platforms
  3. The offers differentiated customer proposition and experience.
  4. With further diversification into non-insurance services through partnerships and vertical integration

Our delivery is linked to our strengths, recognising 6 strategic enablers that will act as our point of differentiation:

  • Our People & Culture
  • Our Technology
  • Our Multi-line/multi-country value proposition
  • Our Data & Analytics
  • Our Partnerships/synergies (including Group)
  • Our ESG

How will the new brand affect our relationship?

All rebranded entities will adopt a unified customer-facing process. In addition, a new organizational structure will come into effect, and our IT domains, such as websites, social media channels, customer portals, and email addresses, will be renamed. You will be informed about the details in writing in due course.

Will the customer contact center number change?

Our customer contact number is as follows:
80050505 (Customer Call Centre)
247 66 800 (Claims Call Centre)

Will there be any changes to my existing insurance policy?

No, your existing policy will remain unchanged for the time being.

My policy is up for renewal soon. Should I expect any changes?

Renewed policies as well as new policies purchased after the end of September will be issued under the new brand name Liva.

Will there be a change in the claims process?

The claims processes will remain the same.

It has always been our endeavor to provide seamless, simple and easy claims experience to our customers and we shall continue to maintain our standards and keep on improving them.

To ensure simplicity and a smooth transition, we shall continue to have the same claims process with approved service providers and in-house claims management systems and keep our customers updated on the contact details and changes, if any.

As an existing customer, do I need to do anything from my end?

We will be sending a letter for your consent that upon renewal, your existing policies will be rebranded to Liva. In the meantime, sit back and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with being covered by Liva.